Freitag, 11. März 2011


Schon seit längerem habe ich diese Rivoli-Perlen 
und wollte schon ewig
etwas aus ihnen machen. 
Nach Flowerball und Discoball ist daraus nun
ein Starball entstanden.

Since some time I have this Rivoli-beads and
thought about what to do with it.
After Flowerball and Discoball here now is
a Starball.


Gypsy hat gesagt…

It is interesting that the link you provided to the Rivoli-beads shows flattened bicones, with holes. The rivolis I am used to have faceted tops and bottoms, but no holes. I do have some of the beads you used in the Starball, but never would have thought to use them in that way!
I think these are what you used?
Happy Beading! Aryd'ell

Cristina hat gesagt…

Beautiful like always!! just another gorgeous beaded bead!!